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We can work with you to provide
your company a customized EAP
that meets your business requirements.
For more information, email us or call
toll free: 1-866-635-1712
We can help you help them....  GUIDELINES FOR MANAGERS
  job loss   marital/family conflict   substance abuse   anger management
  stress   sexual harassment   depression   anxiety
  grief   shock/trauma
If you are an employee that needs help....   Contact us.
Our employee assistance professionals are clinicians (Masters-level or higher) specializing in mental health counseling. All contact with an EAP is confidential...no names or concerns are disclosed to your employer. It is free to you and your family, a benefit provided by your company.

Employees can call the employee assistance program (EAP) directly at any time, with no referral. Appointments are scheduled at the earliest convenience. Toll free: 1-866-635-1712.